Lord, there’s a storm coming
Headed straight for town
Lord, there’s a storm coming
Headed straight for town
I don’t wanna be around
When the sky falls down 

Somebody give me shelter
Somewhere to lay my head
When I woke this morning
The sky was red 


Lord, the river’s dried up
Someone take this land
Life and love were lost
By my own hand 

The city’s drowning
Ships run aground
People are dying
And there’s no sound 




It’s been a long damn week
Can we wait to talk
If I cut too close to the bone
Could you brush me off 

It’s chaos here
Had no time to rest
Could you smile and remember me
When I’m at my best 

When I open the door and we kiss hello
I’ve got to know 

Is that you
Will you hold me and tell me everything’s alright
Will you stay with me even if it takes all night
Will you make me laugh before I start to cry
Will you let me be strong for you once in a while
Is that you 

I’m trying not to break
After that phone call
Now my world is upside-down
Got no words at all

Been here for three days
Haven’t left my room
Would you break down the walls
Bring some light to the gloom 



When I’m happy and when I’m sad
When I’m clumsy and when I’m mad
When I’m graceful and charming
And I can do it all myself
When I’m stumbling and starving
And I need somebody’s help
Is that you 

Well, it’s been a long week
We can wait to talk
If you cut too close to the bone
I can brush it off 

When you open the door and we kiss hello
I want you to know 

Yeah, that’s me
I’ll hold you and tell you everything’s alright
I’ll stay with you even if it takes all night
I’ll make you laugh before you start to cry
I’ll let you be strong for me once in a while
Yeah, that’s me
Is that you


Dear love,
Do you mind if I tell you a story?
If I show you my heart
Would you love it or use it against me? Dear Love 

Dear love,
Would you mind if I used you to stand?
Throw caution away
And reach out to take your hand? Dear love 

Because time can be cruel
And people are not what you think they should be
To be made a fool
Then pull out the knife when they say forgive me 

Dear love,
Would you mind if I cried on your shoulder?
Give me my space
Then force your way back to be closer? Dear love 

Dear love,
What if I pushed you away
Say I need a break
When the truth is, I need you to stay 


You know I wouldn’t ask
If I knew any other way to get by
But you know, you know, you know
Love’s the only way we can survive 

Because love,
I don’t mind if you wanted to hold me
Love might be enough
To repair and erase all the lies that they told me 



I know your style
I’ve seen your face
It’s been a while, but
I know who wins this race

You’re done looking for love
All you need is your name
When you fall from up above
You’ll never take the blame

You’re a haunted soul
Never lose control
I’m the only one who knows
You’re a haunted soul

I see you running for cover
From your wicked words
Enemy or lover
As long as something hurts

Hiding in the shadows
Of your troubled mind
Peeking through the windows
You can see the light


Do you remember
The way that we were
When the days were longer
And your heart was pure



No color only light 
No sound only feeling 
The stars shined so bright
The sky became the ceiling 

Blue is your heart
Red is your soul
Out here in nowhere
It don’t matter no more 

So come on let’s fly
High as the sky
We’ll dance all night
Under the Georgia moon
Don’t let me down
Round and round
And back to the ground
Under the Georgia moon 

I heard you laugh 
silent reprise
Then I said to myself
Woman be wise 


The grass ain’t greener
The music ain’t sweeter
But your love is freer
Under the Georgia moon 

Shadows and stars
Fight for what’s ours
Till the day we depart
Under the Georgia moon 



What if I told you, you never existed
What if I told you I never cared
Would you ask me if I missed it
If in my head you were never there

What if I told you that I was sorry
That all your heartbreak could be spared
Would you ask me if I was serious
If throwing out the sorrow was really fair 

You left me speechless
You left me motionless
You left me doubtless
You never cared
You left me reckless
You left me heartless
You left me wasted
With nothing to spare
You left me speechless 

What if I told you I didn’t want to harm you
What if I listened and pretended to cry
Would you stonewall and put up defenses
Because you knew it was all just a lie 



And now that you’re all alone
Living in your head you call your home
Would you look back, follow the stones
The ones you laid and the ones that were thrown 



Drowning in your shadow, under the moon 
You take me in your arms, say The Watcher’s coming soon 
I’m begging for reprieve as you’re trying not to fall 
Your heart it turns to stone as I let you take it all 

The lashings from your tongue, I hold my breath and listen 
As you never apologize for your holy mission 
It’s poison in my veins, the vitriol you spew 
You think it’s what you follow, it’s really what you choose 

I know what you’re thinking, I see it in your eyes 
My heart it goes to sinking as your mouth fills with lies 
The bottle’s made for drinking soon as the night will rise 
The angel that you harbor is the devil in disguise 
The devil in your eyes 

Whisper pretty words to the world at large 
You think you’re in control, but you’ve never been in charge 
Give up your last dollar, waste it on your youth 
Paint a pretty picture, you can’t take the dirty truth 


You claim a heart so pure, you never realize 
The only thing we see is the devil in your eyes 

Drowning in your shadow, under the moon 
You trap me in your arms, say The Watcher’s coming soon 

The devil in your eyes
The devil


Came to the crossroads
Made my deal
Drank that dirty water
And it swallowed me whole 

Dancing ‘round the pages
Putting words in my mouth
Come judgment day
You’ll be lucky if you’re saved 

Let me be your witness
To this story
Take your money to your grave
I’ll keep my life 

Reign of fear
Signed away in blood
Oh, you’re a friendly foe
Dressed up in sheep’s clothes 


Well you can call me
A traveling fool
But don’t forget me
When they hang you out to dry 

Came to the crossroads
Said my goodbyes
I wrote you a letter
And then I burned it sky high 



Just cause I’m looking your way
That don’t mean that I trust you
Just cause I’m smiling to your face
That don’t mean that I love you 

Just cause I’m holding this together
That don’t mean it’s gonna last
Just cause I’m sticking around
That don’t mean I can’t be gone fast 

I don’t need everyone talking
Thinking that I’m leading you on
Cause you and I, we both know
You’re the one who done me wrong 

Just cause I don’t kick you out
That don’t mean I want you to stay
Just cause I’m keeping you around
That don’t mean you’re gonna get your way 

Just cause you see me crying
That don’t mean I’m better off with you
Just cause I answer with silence
That don’t mean it ain’t the truth 


No, I ain’t fooling around
Matter of fact you’re fooling you
I ain’t here to suffer no one
Matter of fact, that’s the truth 


Just cause we’re here at the end, babe
That don’t mean I won’t start again 



My baby, he left me in the middle of the night
My baby, he kissed me in the middle of the night
He fooled me once, but he won’t fool me twice 

My baby was missing while he was messing around
My baby was missing while he was messing around all over town
He better get gone before he’s missing six feet down 

Shame on him for going astray
Shame on him for treating me that way
But shame on me if he ever comes back this way

My baby was dreaming if he thought I had no clue
Because it’s fool me once, it’s shame on you
But fool me twice, and you know what I’ve got to do 



Whiskey lie
Whiskey choke
Whiskey heal
Whiskey broke
Whiskey run off with my good name
Whiskey stolen all of my shame 

Seven days
you’ve been gone
Start to wonder
what went wrong
Whiskey promised me the moon and the sun
Whiskey fooled me from day one 

Fourteen days
since you left
Whiskey tears
are all I wept
Liquid gold told me to cut loose
All the while whiskey tightened the noose 

Thirty days
in the wind 

Someone told me,
start again
Whiskey filling up my glass
Whiskey had me repeating the past


I got trouble
Clouding my mind
Nipping at my heels
Taking up my time

I got trouble
Ringing in my head
But they won’t matter at all
When I’m long gone and dead 

Oh, no 

Cause I got trouble
Lord, help me find
Some solid ground
And peace of mind
I got trouble
Devil’s at the door
I turned him away
But he’ll be back for more 

I got trouble
Follow me around
I can’t shake ‘em
Even when I get out of town 

I got trouble
Calling my name
But I won’t answer
I’m not playing that game 

Oh, no 



The time has come
Put down the gun
What you wanted is done
Turn around, my son 

Open the gate
You’ve conquered your fate
You won’t be late
We won’t have to wait 

Maybe you can burn a little brighter in the sky
Maybe you can shed a little light way up high
Spread the ashes of the things you’ve learned
So baby, go on and burn 

You say you did your best
Gather what you’ve got left
Take your final step
Lay your tortured soul to rest 

But I never said goodbye
Cause you didn’t want me to try
Try to make it right
Or put up a fight 


If you put your faith
In the moon and the stars
You’re gonna forget
What you came here for 

It might take me time
Till I can draw that line
Between sorrow and life
Till I can be fine… but I’ll never be fine