From the recordings If I'm Being Honest and Damn Dirty Demons

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Damn Dirty Demons
Music and lyrics - Jamie Lynn Vessels
Cigar Box Guitar (electric) - Jamie Lynn Vessels
Drums - Daniel Perez Iriondo
Guitar (electric) - Cranston Clements
Bass (electric) - Austin Clements
Hammond B3 organ - Joe Ashlar
Pre-production - Billy Smiley
Recording engineer - Misha Kachkachishvili
Recording second engineer - Wes Fontenot
Mixing engineer - Misha Kachkachishvili
Mastering engineer - Bruce Barielle
Recording - Esplanade Studios
Mixing - Esplanade Studios


Damn dirty demons
And the sting of regret
The kiss of the drug
To help you forget

The saint and the liar
Are strangers in bed
They're friends in the movies
And they're both in my head

Damn dirty demons
Well they fall from the skies
Lit up like angels
With their beautiful lies

The saint and the liar
On opposite walls
One makes you shine and
The other makes you fall

Damn dirty demons
Damn dirty demons

Hey there, Alice
Take this chalice
Drink up and be none the wiser

Damn dirty demons
With their jokes and their smiles
Make me believe
That I could float for a while

Damn dirty demons
They're running their mouths
Make me believe that there's
No way out

Damn dirty demons
Damn dirty demons