EP lyrics

Casanova No More 
You’ve got me feeling so lonely 
You’ve got me feeling so fine 
We don’t know where this is going 
I think we’ve run out of time 
My head’s been spinning for days 
The way you walk in and out that door 
My heart just wants you to stay 
But my head’s screaming I can’t take no more 

I’m putting my foot down 
I’m closing up that door 
I’m tying up my heart 
I’ve come to settle the score 
Casanova no more 

You’ve taken all that I’ve got 
Stolen enough of my time 
You can’t convince me that you’re something you’re not 
‘Cause you’ll never be mine 


You keep coming around 
Begging me for another try 
But I know your record with hearts 
You’ve drunk this river dry 


Catch the Wind 
Where is the light with a broken sun 
Where do we go when we know no one 
Can we put back what’s come undone 
Where is the rain with a broken sky 
How can we trust when we’re living on lies 
Can I still see the stars in your empty eyes 

Here we are again 
Chasing the waves in their salty skin 
We run and we run 
But we can’t catch the wind 
Here again we lay 
Wondering day after day after day 
Is it worth it to feel this way 
If we can’t catch the wind 
How do we turn on a broken earth 
Can I live again through love’s rebirth 
But where would you live in this world of hurt 
How do they fly with broken wings 
Can we live more like paupers and less like kings 
Rich in love, but free of its strings 


The fire has turned to ice 
Our hearts have paid the price 
Can we get back to where we started 
Before this world was broken-hearted 


Don't Look Back 
Go on catch the train 
Go on catch the train 
Leave so fast they don't know that you're gone 
Don't look back ​ 
Go on say you loved her 
Go on say you loved her 
But we all know that's a lie 
We all know that's a lie ​ 
Don't look back 
Don't look back ​ 

You're coming up on the end of the line 
You're coming up fast on the end of the line ​ 

Go on and I'll follow 
Go on and I'll follow 
We both know we'll never meet again 
We both know that we'll never meet again 
Go on catch the train 
Go on catch the train 
Don't look back 
No, I won't look back

I'm Holding Up​ 
Started out riding in a car made of luck 
Made the rounds, settled down till I got stuck 
Told my man I might see him again someday 
But I needed to leave to make my own way ​ 

I'm holding up my end of the bargain 
I'm holding up my end of the line 
I'm holding up, but I'm getting really tired 
So I'll just wait here for somebody to hold up the other side ​ 

So I went out knowing I could shine 
Knocked on doors, settled scores and borrowed time 
Then someone told me that all I had to do was 
Work real hard to get real far and smile when I get blue ​ 


I'm holding up, but I won't last much longer 
They were right, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger 
I've been searching under rock, caught in undertow 
I just need someone to share the load ​ 

I'm holding up 
I'm holding up ​ 

So, my dear, I might see you in a year 
Or it might be more like two or twenty 
But, don't worry, this is all that I desire 
Take my time and I'll be fine until I get inspired ​