The Jester


Someone needs to make it clear
What you've got running through your head
Looks like you've come to find
What it means when the demon's fed

You've gone and staked your claim
While the roulette table spins
Your throne disintegrates
Sit on your lump of sand and grin

The final revolution, tip the balance and you fall

The joker, king and queen
Waiting for the gold and greed
While the jack and prince of spades
Wager on the bet you made
House of cards is crashing down
Underneath your gold-plate crown
Now the rubble starts to fester
And you've become the jester

Someone needs to make it clear
The missing pieces in your logic
You've seen the circumstances
What you were sold when you bought it

The final hand has stirred the pot
The dealer holds you as his hostage
Bartering the middleman
Will never help you when you've lost it

The blame for this disaster is on the puppet master