Jamie Lynn Vessels @ JLV @ Lynn Drury's NOLAmericana Songwriter Series

JLV @ Lynn Drury's NOLAmericana Songwriter Series, New Orleans, LA

JLV will join Lynn Drury, 6-8pm


International House Hotel's candlelit Loa Bar presents "Lynn Drury celebrates 20 years of making music in New Orleans." Drury's NOLAmericana Music event occurs weekly in Loa beginning January 16th.

In recent years, Loa has hosted Echoes from Laurel Canyon, an acoustic series and tribute to that hippy-dippy enclave and the era-defining songwriters who fueled the California music scene and made famous some of the most well-known musicians and songwriters of the 1960's.

In that spirit, the New Orleans songwriting community is stronger than ever, a burgeoning scene of newcomers and old-timers coming together in support of each other and inspiring one another in our own bohemian town.

With 20 years and 8 albums under her belt, Lynn brings the party to Loa, Wednesday nights, 6-8pm

Come hear the songs and stories of New Orleans best songwriters and players, united and unfiltered!

Loa Bar is located inside the International House Hotel, 221 Camp Street, the event is free and open to the public, featuring the famed elixirs of Alan Walter and staff.